Mining Excavator On The Bottom Surface Mine. Brown Coal Deposits. View From Above.
Mining Excavator On The Bottom Surface Mine. Brown Coal Deposits. View From Above.


A new era for infrastructure mapping and automated data processing

IMA is a leader in feature extraction and data creation from LiDAR.  IMA can manage you entire LIDAR and imagery collection programs and then using advanced data processing technologies we turn that data in usable geospatial and CAD data specific to your needs and programs.

This customized approach to feature extraction and mapping can drastically reduce the cost and schedule related to field survey programs and extracted data can can actually be used to improve survey programs by empowering surveyors with existing data before going to the field.


There's data, and then there's maps.  One of IMA's core competency is bringing data together in context and creating valuable information from it.  We strive to understand your needs and goals and then we design the right mapping solution for your data.

This customized approach ensures that you're getting the value for your mapping investment and that the right information is getting communicated in an effective way. 


Data and information are of no use, if you can't access, view and integrate it to realize value.  IMA provides a range of virtual reality, web mapping and traditional hard and soft copy mapping services.

Our virtual reality and 3D web mapping tools are changing the infrastructure engineering and community engagement industries.  Having direct access to all data in its true 3D form on any web enabled device is changing how our  customers execute projects.  Let us show you what we can bring to your projects and community engagement efforts.



Over the past ten years LiDAR has become an integral part of routing, planning and engineering support for pipeline projects.  IMA provides data capture and modeling through all phases of pipeline construction.  Our support of pipeline planning, construction and commissioning reduces schedule risk and costs.

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Urban Infrastructure

It is now hard to imagine building and major urban infrastructure with out LiDAR and advanced mapping.  Ask about IMA's experience in BIM creation and feature extraction for urban planning, engineering and asset management.

Rail & Power Corridors

By its very nature, LiDAR is ideal for corridor mapping. Whether it be for general surveillance, routing and planning or environmental monitoring and assessment, LiDAR is a perfect compliment and enabler for your mapping needs.

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Archaeology & Investigations

LiDAR and advanced processing technologies are ideal for archaeological work and site investigations.  This is an expanding part of IMA's service offering as more projects realize the value that LiDAR and 3D modeling can bring to remote, difficult and pains taking investigations.

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IMA is based in Calgary Alberta, Canada, but operates globally.