Our Past

Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy was created out of the heavy industry mapping division of Civil Maps, an industry-leading autonomous vehicle mapping company. Our technology was first developed to meet the high accuracy, 3D mapping needs of autonomous vehicles and now IMA brings this technology to the engineering and infrastructure industries.

Our Home

IMA is based in Calgary, Canada but works on LiDAR and feature extraction projects around the global.  Thanks to our cloud-based infrastructure we are able to operate seamlessly around the clock and from one region to the next, ensuring faster turnaround times for data processing and enhanced quality control processes.

The IMA Advantage

​Our technology and disruptive business model allows us to scan and map assets at a rapid pace and low cost .  ​Leveraging proprietary AI, cloud services, patented cloud-based processing technology, and global relationships for LiDAR collection and processing and quality control, we can generate data sets, 3D models and map products up to 10 times faster than with traditional methods.

​By creating HD 3D maps in the earliest stages of projects, our clients are able to increase the NVP of projects by lowering the time to completion and reducing and deferring survey programs until the later stages of a project.

IMA's Web Services

Once in our hands, your data and information can be provided to you through one of our advanced 2D or 3D web mapping services, through a range of AR and VR technologies, or in the field on our field data sharing and collection technologies.

River Crossing Example.JPG

An example of 3D tools available for pipeline micro-route.   The terrain was captured using high density LiDAR and High Res imagery, then provided in a 3D web mapping service.