Lux Modus Partnership

Digital Twin Extraction

IMA is pleased to be a technology partnership of Lux Modus.

Lux Modus is the pioneer of the pipeline digital twin.  Using an advanced data collection platform supported by edge computing and cloud services Lux Modus creates the pipeline digital twin during construction. Never before have pipelines been documented and captured in this way.

Lux Modus_final_2.png
Ditch slump.

Lux Modus models the pipeline in real-time cm-by-cm, making a true 3D digital twin of the pipeline.  This real-time information allows for immediate corrective action related to pipeline construction quality.  Then this model is then used as the reference point for all integrity and operations data for the pipeline during the life of the asset.

To learn more about the pipeline digital twin and Lux Modus please visit the Lux Modus website here.


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