At IMA we also feel a deep corporate responsibility for promoting autonomous technologies because autonomous vehicles and systems can save lives and make for a better society.  We also believe that autonomous systems will play a key part in the future economy and  IMA is committed to advocacy and education for these technologies.

For the past few years we have been working with and supporting the City of Calgary in the development of their Future of Transportation report (which you can find here).  As a division of Civil Maps at the time, IMA was pleased to contribute to this report and we fully support the conclusions and next steps.

Two significant actions from that report was the creation of the City of Calgary's program to support Autonomous Systems using City facilities and property. With help from the City's Transit department, IMA was able to test a new prototype mobile mapping system on the C-Train network. This experiment played a vital part in the development of this technology for IMA. Access to the City resources saved our firm considerable time and money and shorted our development cycle by several months.  IMA appreciates the City's support and we encourage other firms to take advantage of this program.


The second significant result of the Future of Transportation Report was the recommendation for a low speed autonomous bus trial in Calgary. This trial will demonstrate the technology to Albertans and help build trust in the technology.  At IMA we are thrilled that the City and Pacific Western Transportation (PWT) have put this trial together.  We applaud PWT for stepping up and making this a reality.

Details about this exciting program can be found here.


To support this great initiative IMA has worked with Telus Spark to develop an educational display about LiDAR and how LiDAR is used by autonomous vehicles.  This display was visited by thousands of schools kids through September 2018.  At the display they learned about LiDAR and how autonomous vehicles use LiDAR for mapping and navigation.


For more information about LiDAR and autonomous vehicles please do not hesitate to contact us at


IMA continues to support Telus Spark in Calgary and we encourage everyone to buy your membership at their local science centre and support science education in their community.

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